Fidget Friend


Founded in 2009, Fidget Friend was born when a Software Architect and TV Producer met at the Northcote Social Club.

We make bespoke websites, apps, platforms, products
and portals. We’re also experienced content makers and can produce all the words, videos and animation you’ll need to position your business or idea within the ether.

We’re passionate about making products for the health industry – slick portals and safe spaces that help people get back on track and find all the information they need in one trusted space. We are the technology partner for PROSTMATE and we are currently developing new health portals for the University of Sydney, the Cancer Council and Swinburne University.

We have ongoing relationships with our clients
Token Artists, Chris Lilley, Rove LA, Creative Rep, Studio Ish, Penguin Australia and Herr Blick.

Recently we partnered with NewSat to deliver a scrolling parallax animated story to announce the release of Jabiru2.

our method

Our method has become 'our thing'. Our clients will tell you that we’re good listeners. We work agile, but we also believe in well-defined specifications. We treat content and technology as equals and strive to weave them together in useful and productive ways. We use small, crack teams and work in iterative sprints to keep your input flowing throughout the process.

Our networks are extensive and super-specialist, from creative agencies to video production houses. We like to work smart and keep things real from go to whoah. Specialist, thoughtful, beautiful work that is priced at your budget and delivered to your timeline.

Our headquarters is in Fitzroy, Melbourne, Australia and we also spend a portion of the year in Los Angeles. We are currently working on two startups, VUI and Pixel Together.

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Psycho-oncological tools, online intervention programs, eHealth content portals, booking systems and patient tracking.


Rapid development of startup products. VUI with Studio Ish and our very own Pixel Together.


Token, Chris Lilley, Rove, Creative Rep, Australia's Funniest


Online animation including parallax, CSS3 and HTML5.


Victorian Leadlights, Tom Roe Photography, Herr Blick


Simon Moore
Technical Director
Renae Turner
Creative Director